How to Measure Customer Satisfaction in Competitive Fields?

Customers who are very happy with the service they get from a company are inclined to be more faithful and purchase from the company more frequently. It is therefore vital to perform market research among your clients to understand exactly what disturbs them and of course what makes them happy.

Transactional Research – This is research carried out among clients who have experienced a recent interaction with your organisation. This could be a brief questionnaire sent to a customer shortly after they have completed a trade with your organisation, which will ask them questions about the service they have received throughout the process of the trade.

Dating and Loyalty Research – This is research carried out among a random choice of customers that might or might not have experienced a recent interaction with your organisation.  it is necessary, especially in certain service industries, where you do not have regular interaction with your clients, to check in with them to make sure they are still feeling confident about your own organisation.

Secondary Research

Secondary research is data that is designed for one purpose that is useful for different purposes. This sort of information can come from trade media, competitor sites, sales data and complaints information.

Utilize secondary research information to learn what you can about your customers and competitors clients satisfaction levels. You might find some of the information by visiting website on survey from sales reps or frontline staff members who interact with clients on a continuous basis. Staffs has a good idea about what’s important and what disturbs customers

Qualitative Research

Carry out qualitative study among both your customers and competitor customers to further research any client irritants and delights from the service they get from your business or your competitors. Respondents must be guided to think of the total product or service characteristics that make them feel favourably about an organisation.

Along with individual service characteristics, the qualitative study should also explore the value of the overall business image, such as trustworthiness, and reliability etc. You can do this by carrying out focus groups or depth interviews.

Remember the aim of qualitative research is to research any potential product or service difficulties and get an understanding of how customers evaluate the quality of the product or service that they get. Qualitative research should not be used to gauge the true performance of your organization or your opponents company;  it is purely an investigation of what should be quantified.

The essence of doing business has changed a lot through the years. The Internet has meant that customers have changed the way they store and do business, meaning in order to succeed businesses will need to be committed to listening to the voice of the client and always driving improvement to the service they provide clients.