Dhanush and Kajol VIP2 movie is showing on Aha OTT

Many industries are there in our country India. But, Tollywood is the most popular industry these days. Since 1921, this industry from the southern part of India has enthralled the audience with a range of blockbuster films in nearly its century-long existence. The Tollywood business has given the country a number of its biggest hits. Not simply across the country, these are international blockbusters, moreover with prodigious performances globally. Also, it has now reached a state where it is demanded the most. The dedication and efforts of the crew members have created a special place in the fan’s heart. Also, the discipline and strategy with which they work have made them reach the top. The content, acting, casting, background music, and the will to do something unique are all needed. People in the South love their industry and appreciate the efforts which they put in. You can stream Telugu movies on the Aha OTT platform. Among all these, when we talk about the most-watched film by people, we can talk about the movie VIP 2.

After a great VIP success, Dhanush and the team came back with their series called VIP 2. The only addition to the characters is the powerful Kajol, who plays a negative role in the film. The story is a continuation of the first part. Raghuvaran (Dhanush) is a successful engineer working on the construction of Anita, a new entry into the company’s world. Their sudden rise is unmistakable by the MD (Kajol) of Vasundhara Constructions, who is beginning to target the company and Raghuvaran himself. The remaining question is how a short-term engine like Raghuvaran captures Vasundhara’s power in the vast corporate world.

As expected, Dhanush is very good at this film. His body language, conversational delivery, and how he interacts with his screen presence with Kajol look great on the screen. Kajol looks good as the head of the company and does a good job. All of his anti-Dhanush scenes are very well done. Coming to director Soundarya Rajnikanth, he has done justice to the film. The message behind the script is outstanding, it shows no matter how rich or poor we are, but when we face tragedy, we all become one. Also, the movie focuses on equality and gender rights.

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