Here many are waiting for the first cold shower. The idea, which at first seemed phenomenal, may not be financially “cluttered” when you calmly plan your expenses and combine them with the expected results. Such a cold shower is, of course, nothing pleasant, but it’s better to face it when your business is just an idea on paper than when you have already invested your life savings in it.

Of course, there is the temptation to increase revenues on paper so as to cover costs, but you probably feel that this is a path astray. The first plan you wrote down is probably an optimistic scenario.

And it could also be realistic, right? Therefore, also make less optimistic assumptions. Or just add 30% to all costs. And reduce revenues by 20%. And see if your business is still profitable.

Avoiding credit

Avoiding credit

But apparently you had a plan. And maybe it was a really good plan: reliably constructed, without excessive optimism. However, many things are out of our control in the business. A good plan increases your chances of success but unfortunately can’t guarantee it.

That is why you may be at a point where business somehow revolves, but for it to “surprise”, it lacks a decent injection of money, for example for advertising, for increasing the scale of purchases or for investments. And you either have already invested all your savings or – cautiously – you don’t want to spend more.

In this situation, think about credit, even if many of your friends advise you against it. There are many myths and opinions around the loan that is almost superstitious. It’s not true that your business is too small to get a loan.

It is not true that taking out a loan will worsen your credibility. It is not true that you should finance your own business with your own funds – on the contrary, skillful use of credit can significantly increase profits from your own funds.

Credit saving

Credit saving

On the other hand, credit should not be a way of saving yourself from oppression. If your business is in a situation where its continued operation depends on whether it manages to get a loan, then something went really wrong.

Here, you should carefully consider whether it makes sense to take a loan – revenues may not appear, and installments will be repaid. If – knock the company is to fail, it would be better to collapse with less luggage.

“A good product will sell itself”


No, most definitely not sell itself – need to help him publicity, or more broadly promotion. And it is not about hanging the area with billboards or buying a newspaper advertisement. However, you will probably have to set up a website, after all, it will be your company’s showcase in the modern world. To give you a proper testimony, she must look good.

In addition, reducing a website to a business card is a big simplification. A website is also your point of contact with search engines. The more accurately Google “reads” the content of your page, the higher it evaluates, the “more willingly” it will display in response to queries from Internet users – i.e. your potential customers.

A website must not only be pretty to the eye but also “pretty” to search engines. Optimized.

And this, as you probably guessed, can cost.

However, the website is just the beginning. You can, and probably should advertise on the internet. Today’s promotion tools allow you to easily ‘ link’ a promotion to sales: you can easily determine which activities are attracting new customers to you and which are only adding costs.

So let’s explore the secrets of online promotion or entrust the matter to specialists. Both require expenditure. If you have savings or a profit – great. If not, see ‘avoiding credit’?

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